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December 18th 2013.

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Arte, Digital

On 4 December 2013, Arte Live Web & Tsugi threw an electro party to remember at the Trabendo in honour of Laurent Garnier, the father of French Touch.

How to create a digital experience for the party by connecting performers, audience and Internet users?

Instagram became gig enthusiasts and party animals' favourite way to share their experiences, especially with the video function.

For over 10 hours, 5 cameramen and a director equipped with smartphones took turns to record, cut and post the spirit of the party #mixotrabendo thanks to15 seconds video clips posted on the @mixotrabendo Instagram account.

Throughout the night, the posted videos were added live to the timeline of a website designed for the occasion. Users could enjoy the greatest moments of the party in real time just by unrolling the timeline.

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