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Voiceless Eyes. 

Reporters Without Borders

release :

January 17th 2013.

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RSF, Digital

In 2013, approximately half of the world’s population is still denied access to free information. Each day, journalists are kidnapped or arrested when they do not go missing in areas of the world where freedom of information is restricted.

In January 2013, RSF launched Voiceless Eyes, a unique digital device enabling users to discover a previously unreleased set of international reporters’ pictures.
As the users connect to the device by turning on their webcam, they become part of the different photographs.

After a few seconds, the users are asked to hide their mouth with their hand, a symbolic gesture for censorship and lack of freedom of speech.
Performing this gesture automatically censors the pictures by erasing the vital elements for understanding the information.

The campaign catchphrase then appears on the screen: “How can you see the truth when it cannot be told?”

awards :

Club des DA , FWA, Lovie Awards, Strategies , Webby Awards.